Resatio (b. 1986) is a digital artist known for his captivating GIF fused with collage techniques. Beginning his artistic journey during the shift from floppy disks to hard drives, Resatio’s creations explore the unexpected, drawing inspiration from the digital realm. His distinctive style has been featured in prominent exhibitions such as Bandung New Emergence and various international digital art shows. In July 2021, he dove headfirst into the NFT universe, initiating his journey with Tezos and subsequently broadening his digital footprint to Ethereum and Solana. Resatio’s work playfully invites viewers to scratch their heads and wonder what exactly they’re looking at—perhaps even making them question the meaning of life.

pic – resatio

Artist Statement


My art delves into the realm of the unconscious mind by decontextualizing elements and presenting them in a surrealistic manner. My pieces, which are inspired by my background in design, aim to evoke a sense of both unfamiliarity and recognition through their “ordered chaos” aesthetic.


My creative process begins with collecting a diverse array of images, whether sourced from thrift stores or online, using only those in the public domain to avoid any copyright issues. These images are then manipulated and transformed until they are unrecognizable, serving as the foundation for my work.


Through the use of multiple layers, both physically and metaphorically, I continuously develop, destroy, and rebuild my pieces, covering and uncovering elements as I go. This process, which is both experimental and intuitive, allows me to create art that is unique and ever-evolving. The final result can range from highly detailed to minimalistic, with the process being just as important as the outcome.



Group Shows



NFT NYC — Artist’s Village, NYC, USA

Secret Room — Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai, UAE

GIFFEST: Imperfect — National Design Centre, Singapore

Everything But The Kitchen Knife — Superchief Gallery at The Oculus WTC, NY, USA



Crypto Art Week Asia — Rise of Asia Museum, Singapore

ArtGumi — Metasequoia Art Fair, Osaka, Japan



NFT Update Collage Exhibition — The Boneyard, Decentraland

Greetings from Paradox — Krack! Studio, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



24 H⏰UR Prints Dealer — Grammars, Bandung, Indonesia

Domestic Affair — Omnispace, ArtJakarta Virtual

Arisan Karya — Museum Macan, Jakarta, Indonesia



Intention — Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

Paste Up! Festival Internacional de Collage — Mexico City, Mexico



Chamber of Enigma, Cabinets of Curiosities — Unknown Asia, Osaka, Japan

Kecil Itu Indah 15: Dunia Kecil, Dunia Besar — Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta, Japan



My Exquisite Corpse — Biasa Art Space, Bali, Indonesia



Bandung New Emergence Vol. 5 — Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

Solo Shows



Sobriquet  — Omnispace, Bandung, Indonesia



Flesh & Flora — ghostbird+swoon, Bali, Indonesia



Structured Chaos — ViaVia, Yogyakarta, Indonesia






Unknown Asia, Osaka, Japan  — Sponsors Prize and Reviewers Award