Selected Exhibitions


Other Worlds Zine Fair Sydney, Australia
Museum of Contemporary Art Zine Fair Sydney, Australia
Paste Up, Mexico City, Mexico
50 Squared Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne, Sydney

Unknown Asia Osaka Japan
Greenpeace – Seni Beraksi at Museum Surabaya, Indonesia
Broken Heart Gallery at Plaza Indonesia

2016 Chaos of Meories at Omnispace

Bandung, Indonesia

2016 Kata Untuk Perempuan at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia

2016 Mad House at Artotel Jakarta, Indonesia

2016 Cut and Paste: Collage Exhibition

at Joy Galerry SF, USA

2015 The Wrong (again) – New Digital Art Biennale

2015 Temporal at Under Cikapayang Site Specific Bandung, Indonesia

2015 My Exquisite Corpseat Biasa Art Space

Bali, Indonesia

2015 Getok Tular at Omnispace Bandung, Indonesia

2014 Sikancil: A Collage Art Show at Common House Jakarta, Indonesia

2014 Bandung New Emergence Vol. 5 at

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Bandung, Indonesia

2014 15x15x15 Mini Art Exhibition at Galeri Sumarja 2014 Bandung, Indonesia

2014 Rupanda at Gedung Jogja Gallery

2014 Jogja, Indonesia

2013 Aqua: Temukan Indonesiamu at Energy Building 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia

2013 Indonesian Art Festival at Esplanade, Singapore

2013 Kopi Keliling Vol. 7 at Kedai Kebun Forum 2013 Jogja, Indonesia

2012 Art Act Kopi Keliling at 1/15 Coffee

2012 Jakarta, Indonesia

2012 Caffeinated at Inkubator Asia Jakarta, Indonesia

2011 The Other I at Galeri Padi Badung, Indonesia